Monday, March 07, 2005

did 'em

MSN Encarta - 10 Most Powerful American Women

cool hack.

Speed up your Firefox Browser. Did it, tried it, it works. Faster page loads most definately.

Everything explained by two cows.

You have two cows - Uncyclopedia

I started reading it,....but then I got distracted.

Attention Deficit

Europeans and Americans, there's a difference.

Metaphilm - europeans and americans

We use 10% of our brain is a myth...I use only 4%

Neuroscience for Kids - 10% of the Brain Myth

Did you know that dogs and bees can smell fear...

Neuroscience for Kids - Animal Senses

I found this funny...

The top 10 ways to make a 4-year-old cry

The winter swell at Mavericks

Mavericks Surf Contest 2005 If you ask me, it should be called the "Mark Foo Memorial"

A view from the top.

APOD: 2005 March 6 - The View from Everest

Mathmatical Fun!

What's Special About This Number?

Hip hop slang

Wikipedia - Hip hop slang.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Wild Bill's Walk

2100 MILES… The Walk begins Tuesday January 11th in Camp Verde, AZ and ends Thursday June 30th at Clark & Addison (Wrigley Field). - Wild Bill's Walk


America by the Numbers

Cool Photography

Roman Loranc

The World of the Paranormal


Bart Simpson only got $5 bucks!

eBay item 6150200648 (Ends Feb-07-05 13:30:39 PST) - I am Literally SELLING MY SOUL to save my family.... I bid a Steve Allen pog.

murder simulators?!? They are called video games dumbass.

StopKill.Com: "murder simulators"

The Traders' Den

Avid music collectors dedicated to the free trading of lossless unofficial (aka bootleg) musical audio and video recordings.

The Law of Monkey


D's going crazy with Pink Floyd bootlegs

Crazy D's Pink Floyd Bootleg Site

Your Dominant Intelligence is Interpersonal Intelligence

Blogthings - What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

The television liberation front

The Broadcast Flag is designed – poorly – to stop people from putting high-quality recordings of TV shows on popular file-sharing networks like BitTorrent. In reality, it will give the government an unprecedented amount of control over what we do in our own homes with recordings of HDTV.

Defending Freedom in a Digital World

EFF: Homepage