Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Just a gratuitous hooch pic.

Cool! Next Friday my Mercury B-Day! a grand 152 years old!

Your Age On Other Worlds

Does the internet get any better!

The David Hasselhoff Compendium...

Pretty funny...

Pathetic Personals

Interesting...stats in globe pictures


Speeding 101

Michael Stone Jr. - The Definitive Guide To Speeding Tickets

Stuck on 5!....some day I'll be total

Manslow's Hierarchy of Needs:

Got da' beat beat beat making skillz


Why don't we all just live forever then...

News - The End of Death: Does a British Researcher Hold the Key to Life Eternal? -

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Now with Bush, Paris, Blair, and Osama

Falling Celebs

No, I am not Thunderbelly!

Thunderbelly the Wonderbelly

"Collect pearls avoid the nasty fish and don't forget to take a breath now and then."

Game: Beaver Dive

My elevator is running express mode!

An Elevator Hack

Yup...the math looks correct.

Why I Will Never Have A Girlfriend

Oh. what a surprise.... I'm the cynic.

The Smoking Room Test | Which Office Animal are you?

Does anyone have any ducktape?

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Space shuttle to get critical fix