Sunday, March 26, 2006

Damn boots are tiiight.

Forget the spinners: pimp rims go high-tech (updated!)

"knowledge is power...for real!"

"Heat Vision and Jack was created as a 1999 pilot for Fox. Written by Dan Harmon and Rob Schrab, directed by Ben Stiller, this series was passed over by Fox despite critical acclaim from those who've been lucky enough to see it.

The 30 minute pilot is about an astronaut (played by Jack Black) with a medical secret who is on the run from the evil Ron Silver and the rest of NASA, with the help of a talking motorcycle called Heat Vision (voiced by Owen Wilson)."

Friday, March 24, 2006

I hope this posting falls under fair use. ;)

A brilliant read from Duke Law. Online versions found ---> here

I found the .pdf version more readable + I wanted to save it. .pdf version available
---> here

Live as I read...not as I do.

Sound Money Tips

Very Coool. Good bye MS Word.

The look, feel, and functionality of Microsoft Word, in a completely web-based AJAX platform.

Best part... totally free, no registration, nothing to install!

Give it a try here ->

très bon

Eiffel Tower Panoramique


a whole list of intellectual property wtf's...

Intellectual Property Run Amok

Saturday, March 18, 2006

that's fast.

Wired News: Proving How the Universe Was Born

"growing from the size of a marble to a volume larger than all of observable space in less than a trillion-trillionth of a second."

repairing my rusty math skills...

Math For Programmers

now that's smart.

"We want to take as much hurry and worry out of people's lives as we can, because a relaxed state of mind unleashes creativity,"
Be smarter at work, slack off

"nobody ever made history by being a big puss"

HIGH SCORE follows Bill as he attempts to take down the Atari classic Missle Command and its 20 year-old record. To get the 80 million points he'll have to play the game on one quarter for over 2 days straight. There is no pause button. There will be no sleep. There can be only one victor in this classic story of Man versus Missle Command

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My personal DNA report....

My Personal Dna Report

Happy Pi Day!

Pi Day - March 14 is an unofficial celebration for Pi Day derived from the common three-digit approximation for the number π: 3.14. It is usually celebrated at 1:59 PM (in recognition of the six-digit approximation: 3.14159).

I'm going to get so drunk! wooo pi!

Monday, March 13, 2006

arctic monkey show @ the metro. sat nite.

update: +1 karma to the bartender. the show was off the hook. well struck Sheffield.

getting the news late sux. just found out that they are playing the metro on saturday nite.

sweet internet gold!

Back in the USSR presented in its full glory in PowerPoint form!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Truly...The Answer

Be not afraid

Be not afraid of the spooks,
of the ones that would have your hearts burn with hatred.
Be not afraid of the ghosts
who would have you build your own prison walls
with evermore pace and frenzy.

Be Still.
And love shall uncloak the thieves that have stolen our innocence.

très bon!!

Paris : Panoramique.

"No man, no law, no war can stop you"

Game: Powerfox

Natlie Portman...gone straight up gansta!